CRP Reflection

After completing the Learning Adventure Project, I have realized all the important tools I have learned in this class. This project has definitely been my favorite since we were able to choose our own topic and incorporate activities using tools we learned to use this semester. I was very glad to know that we would actually complete an assignment that would allow us the freedom to put together our own project using tools we learned throughout the semester. Completing the Learning Adventure Project made me realize all the things I have learned this semester and how I will apply these lessons to my career in the future. In my project, students will learn the importance of a healthy diet and important terms that go along with this topic. I put together this adventure incorporating different activities, games and reading materials in order to make this adventure interactive and enjoyable for middle school students. Using the NETS for Critical Thinking, Problem solving, and Decision Making, my adventure helps students identify, plan and manage activities to develop a solution, which is learning about healthy living and a healthy diet. They also collect and analyze data in order to make informed decisions about the topic of healthy eating by completing challenges and activities throughout the adventure. I really enjoyed this assignment and this semester!

Click on the QR Code below to view my Learning Adventure Project. Here is a link to my project as well:


QR Code


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