C&I Reflection

For our stop animation project, we as a group created a video using different props we created in about how natural disasters cause poverty and hunger. Our video was targeted towards 1st graders in California in order to help them understand how natural disasters, Earthquakes in particular, cause poverty and hunger and the effects it can have on a person. In our video, we also gave a few suggestions as to what people could do when an earthquake strikes and some preventative measures one can take in order to help them better understand this topic. We made this video to follow performance standard 1.2.4 which describes “how location, weather, and physical environment affect the way people live, including the effect on their food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and recreation.” In particular, we outlined how the weather and physical environment can drastically affect how people live since it can destroy their food and shelter, and leave them hungry and without a home.

I believe we definitely used our creativity in this video by thinking outside the box and using different props in order to help explain to students the topic of how the physical environment affects people and their lives. We had to create props in order to help properly explain the different concepts of poverty and hunger in a way 1st graders could easily understand. This video will help our audience understand this concept since we are providing images in order to more easily explain the topic instead of just making them read out of the book. Students will be able to understand the concepts to the images we put together in order to really learn the topic. My advice for students and teachers when creating videos is to definitely plan in advance. Don’t just start filming right away before putting together a storyboard or outline of what you are going to say and use for the video. Planning is super important and essential in order to create a successful and informative video.

Below is the video my group and I came up with. Enjoy!


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