C&C Reflection

So far this semester, we have used many technology tools I had never even heard of! As a public relations major, we do a lot of hands-on activities and assignments and this class has really opened my eyes to all the apps and tools that are available to students for communication and collaboration. Technology can be used and really help students by helping them develop their own skills while making students comfortable with the technology that will help them be successful in the future and apply these skills in the real world. By using some of these technology tools, students are also collaborating with other students and exchanging their ideas and opinions, which also broadens there understanding, making them open to diversity. Incorporating computers can make difficult concepts much easier for students to grasp because they are able to work through problems, search for answers and even collaborate with other students to answer questions. This not only helps students learn the material and apply it to real-life, but also develops their technology and researching skills.
From the activities we have completed so far in this class, I have definitely seen the importance of collaboration and being an effective group member. Using technology, it is easier for all members to be involved and provide feedback. We are constantly using different tools to create group presentations and posting to other social tools in order to receive feedback on our work, which is extremely helpful in group projects. With our PowToon video project, we had to work as a group and engage with each other to come up with decisions on how to best put together our video and also what content we need to include. Everyone had their own opinions so we had to come together to solve problems and produce original work which are detailed in the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). Using EDEMO and getting blog feedback also connects with the standards with collaborating and receiving constructive feedback with our ideas in order to better complete our blogs. Below are some links to the projects we have collaborated and finished this semester:


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 12.48.13 PM

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