Reflection of My Blogging Experience

So after fully analyzing both sides of the argument of including social media into college-level courses, I have definitely come to the realization that this argument is not so simple. Both sides definitely raise some compelling arguments and after researching some of the disadvantages, I have come to the conclusion that if social media IS going to be used in the classroom, it should definitely be monitored in order to avoid distractions among students. Completing these posts and researching this interesting topic has been very beneficial because as a young adult, I have always found social media to be something we use as a distraction from school, but now I see how beneficial it can really be after actually using it in some college-courses.

Blogging my thoughts was also something I truly enjoyed because I got a chance to comment on my own thoughts about an issue that was interesting to me and put it out there for my classmates to see and comment on. It’s a great way to get your opinions out there and engage with others who share your thoughts or might have opposing arguments. I definitely plan on creating another blog and sharing my professional experiences as my college career comes to an end very soon. I hope to share my experiences in my professional field and hope to get some advice from other young professionals out there!

Happy Blogging! 🙂


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