Universities & Social Media

Is higher education failing students in teaching proper social media skills? In my opinion, Universities aren’t doing the best job at integrating social media into their curriculum. Very few universities actually offer social media classes and when they are offered, they tend to be electives rather than integrated into a larger curriculum. I think in this day and age, it is extremely important for classes to integrate and use social media tools in a productive way that encourages collaboration in classrooms. With today’s job market, it is essential for young professionals to possess these skills since many companies are using social media in order to grow their business. Many are looking for social media savvy individuals to help their company keep up with today’s digital life.

According to the article below, social communication done well increases productivity, saves money and time, and improves engagement and satisfaction. So why are schools not implementing social media into their curriculum? I believe that by utilizing these tools, Universities will be able to engage students and see a positive shift in education. What do you think?

Click here to view article and let me know your thoughts on the matter.

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