Hi! I hope you have had the chance to go through my blog and get to know me a little better. I have made this blog with the hopes of informing my followers about my opinions of education and some interesting topics I have chosen to discuss. The main topic I will be blogging about is the use of social media in higher education. As my senior year of college is quickly coming to an end, I have noticed the rise of social media platforms being used in college classes for learning and collaborating. It amazes me the amount of platforms that exists now-a-days that people use to connect and network with each other.

I have chosen this topic because I am a huge advocate of using social media in classrooms in order to learn and collaborate with others for school assignments. I believe I have gotten the most out of classes that encourage us students to use these tools in order to engage us in different topics and help us explore on our own while we communicate and share with others. I will be exploring both sides of the argument and also blogging about some disadvantages to using social media in classrooms, how social media enhances student learning and how it is being used today!

I wanted to introduce you guys to the topic of discussion for my blog and encourage feedback from you all! But for now, I wanted to share this image, which illustrates the wide array of social media tools available today.

Happy blogging! ☺

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 5.17.13 PM

Click on image to enlarge


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